Taylor Construction – Commercial – Tiltup and Concrete Work

Before getting involved in the remodeling business, Taylor Construction had established themselves as a General Contractor in 1996 that specialized in tilt-up buildings, masonry buildings and tenant improvement projects. Due to self- performing concrete work and other trades, Taylor Construction is able to deliver top-quality work at highly competitive prices and because of that, was one of San Diego’s prime contractors in tiltup construction.

In addition to these specialty trades, Taylor Construction had also developed trusted relationships with a network of qualified subcontractors from which it can draw from and complete every phase of a construction project. Many of those professional now are performing sub-contacting work for Taylor’s remodeling business.

Whether your project involves the construction of a tilt up building or a tenant improvement project, the team at Taylor Construction hopes to have an opportunity to work with you to accomplish your goals. At Taylor Construction we can take you from concept to completion.

Since the establishment of Taylor Construction in 1996, we have completed over 671,000 sq. ft. of tilt up and masonry projects.

Please see a variety of our Tilt-Up projects above and if you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at Taylor Construction.